Snohomish Historic District

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"The Snohomish Historic District is laid out on a modified north-south oriented grid system.  Eighty-foot wide right-of-ways are standard, with a forty-foot wide paved street.  The Commercial Historic District is located at the south side of town, along the Snohomish riverbank.  Historic residential areas are located generally to the north of the Commercial District, and a Mixed Use designation is found in the Maple/Pine Avenue area, located to the east of the Historic Commercial District.  

The Snohomish Historic District Design Standards are intended to preserve and continue the City’s rich heritage and character, to foster quality design and development, and to promote land use compatibility within the City’s historic neighborhoods.

Mature street trees, alleys, and sidewalks are defining features of the Historic District, in addition to the buildings themselves.  Pedestrian activity is an important feature of the Historic District.

The defining era of the commercial buildings in the Historic District is from 1880-1930.  Commercial Historic District buildings range in height from one to three stories.  Exterior materials include brick, wood siding and stucco.  Storefronts and retail uses at the first floor level are commonly combined with retail, restaurant, lodging, office and residential uses on upper floors.  Buildings are located at the front property line historically, utilizing on-street parking and service access from rear alleys."